If you are seeing Such messages on your iPhone or iPads like not being able to activate it after a recent restore of the firmware or have used the Reset to Factory default settings that erase all content and put the iPhone back in to the Activation required screen

Its required to activate the Device with a network simcard from the country and provider the it was originally locked on to and is easy if already have a network sim then its fine but what if you were sold a iPhone which was previously software unlocked but not fully factory unlocked.

So if you do posses a iPhone thats stuck in the activation screen and you dont possess a network sim for that network to activate  and worst still dont happen to know  the original network it was locked on to when it was sold not to worry as their is still hope ?

The Rebel simcard Team provide a Pre Configured network smartcard that can be used to activate and bypass the Message and then allow you to have access the the iPhone /iPad. Note this not to unlock it and only activate.


We have both option in the shopping cart that are can be used.

The first option is you can simply supply the imei number of the device and we can check the network and country it was sold or choose the provider in the List and we send you a pre programmed  rebel activation smart card.

At order time you also have the option to use the Mini or Micro Size option depending on your device.

Apple iPhones & Ipads Rebel Micro/Mini Activation SmartCard Iphone 4S 4 3GS 3G 2G


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