Last updated : September – 2006

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network) is a company that does not own a licensed frequency spectrum, but resells wireless services under their own brand name, using the network of another mobile phone operator. The first successful MVNO was Virgin Mobile, launched in the United Kingdom in 1999. Before this, Sense attempted to start an MVNO service in the Scandinavian countries, but failed. A similar strategy was pursued by MCI in the early 90s

An MVNO’s roles and relationship to the mobile phone operator vary by market. In general an MVNO is an entity or company that works independently of the operator and can set its own tariff structures. Usually, it does not own any GSM, CDMA or other wireless infrastructure, such as Mobile Switching Center (MSC) or a radio access network. Some may own their own Home Location Register (HLR), which allows more flexibility since multiple host networks could be used, and the MVNO appears as a roaming partner.

Country MVNO Name Technology Network Used Comments
Australia 7-Eleven Speak-Up GSM Vodafone Pre-paid MVNO/ESP owned by low-cost telco Commoditel boasting 15.000 subscribers as of June 2005 in combination with Revolution Telecom
Australia Austar GSM/CDMA Optus(GDM), Telstra(CDMA)
Australia B Digital GSM Optus
Australia Boost Mobile IDEN Optus Lifestyle ESP targeting the youth market. A division of Nextel.
Australia Cellhire GSM Optus
Australia Communic8(Telstra Prepaid Plus) GSM Telstra
Australia Digiplus GSM Optus
Australia Fone Zone CDMA Telstra
Australia Gametel GSM Vodafone
Australia Globalstar Australia Pty Limited GSM Optus and Telstra GSM / Satellite SP in Australia and New Zealand
Australia iSim GSM Optus 100% Optus-owned pre-paid service offering. Not really an MVNO or ESP, but a cheaper-calling promotion vehicle.
Australia Macquarie Telecom Mobile GSM Vodafone SP focused on business and government markets.
Australia Mobile Innovations GSM Vodafone
Australia Mobile Mojo GSM Vodafone ESP owned by Bugal focusing previously on ringtones, games and wallpapers and now engaged in a branded SIM venture with Commoditel
Australia People Telecom Optus and Telstra
Australia Primus GSM
Australia Reward Mobile GSM Vodafone
Australia Revolution Telecom GSM Vodafone ESP featuring pre-paid SIM-only proposition and internet distribution, owned by low-cost telco Commoditel and boasting 15.000 subscribers as of June 2005.
Australia SlimTel GSM Vodafone Niche ESP player targeting ethnic communities through MVNE Virtel
Australia Southern Cross Mobile Optus and Telstra
Australia Telecall Optus and Telstra
Australia Virgin Mobile GSM Optus Full MVNO launched in October 2000, a joint-venture between Optus and The Virgin Group. Virgin Mobile Australia owns and manages it’s own switching infrastructure and boasts over 500.000 customers.
Australia Zany Mobile GSM Vodafone ESP (similar to Mobile Mojo above) owned by Bugal focusing previously on ringtones, games and wallpapers and now engaged in a branded SIM venture with Commoditel
Austria bob A1-Telekom Austria
Austria Mobilkom Austria AG & Co KG (A1) GSM ONE ESP focusing on ethnic groups.
Austria Schwarzfunk GSM Tele.ring ESP, part of
Austria Tele2 Mobil GSM ONE MVNO launched Feb 2003.
Belgium 1 Mobile GSM BASE ESP offering by Carrefour (and GB), offering pre-paid services.
Belgium Amatus GSM BASE Amatus Communications will launch mobile services in Belgium using the BASE network, according to “De Standaard”. Amatus focuses on customers travelling abroad.
Belgium Ayyildiz GSM BASE Pre-paid service providers
Belgium Calao Mobile GSM BASE An ethnic MVNO in Belgium for Africans and North Africans
Belgium dixiTel GSM BASE Pre-paid MVNO launched by this Danish corporation. Featuring dixiChat Java IM clinet.
Belgium Ello Mobile GSM BASE
Belgium Fun Mobile GSM BASE
Belgium Happy Many GSM BASE Post-paid ESP launched in November 2004. Happy Many is a Belgian provider of telecommunication and energy services. Happy Many was the 2nd ESP to have sign a deal with BASE. Also promotes their HappyStudent product.
Belgium Inphony Mobile GSM BASE Pre-paid MVNO/ESP from Inphone Telecom, planning to offer DSL, Digital TV, VIOP and Carrier Pre-Select services.
Belgium Intertel GSM BASE
Belgium JIM Mobile GSM BASE pre-paid service providers
Belgium LCR-Primustel GSM BASE post-paid service providers
Belgium Lyca Mobile GSM Low-cost, pre-paid ESP / SIM and Reload card for regular international callers.
Belgium M1Call GSM BASE Post-paid ESP, was formerly “CityMobile”.
Belgium Mondial Telecom GSM BASE Post-paid service provider.
Belgium MyTel GSM BASE ESP launched in November 2004 via Transatel MVNE. MyTel is a Belgian switcheless fixed telecom SP.
Belgium NRJ mobile GSM BASE ESP offering pre-paid and post-paid services, focusing on youth market.
Belgium NormAction GSM BASE ESP launched in January 2005.
Belgium OptiCall GSM Mobistar Post-paid service provider.
Belgium Ortel Mobile GSM BASE MVNO/ESP targeting low-cost, prepaid users and ethnic communities. Also launched in The Netherlands.
Belgium Phone Plus GSM BASE Post-paid ESP – A subsidiary of the Belgian cable TV operator Telenet. Launched in February 2004
Belgium Ram Mobile Data GSM BASE
Belgium RCSC Mobile GSM BASE launched in October 2004.
Belgium Scarlet Telecom GSM BASE post-paid service provider
Belgium Simyo GSM BASE Pre-paid (low cost, SIM-only) ESP launched in Q3 2005. Owned 100% by KPN Mobile.
Belgium Sun Mobile GSM BASE Post-paid enhanced service provider.
Belgium Telenet GSM Mobistar
Belgium Telecom Limburg GSM BASE
Belgium Tele2 GSM BASE pre-pad and post-paid
Belgium TelLink GSM BASE post-paid enhanced service provider
Belgium The Mobile Factory(TMF) GSM BASE pre-paid service provider
Belgium Toledo GSM BASE post-paid service provider
Belgium Ugly Duck GSM Proximus low-cost pre-paid service provider
Belgium Versatel Mobile GSM BASE pre-paid service provider
Belgium Versatel Mobile GSM BASE pre-paid service provider
Bolivia Cotas Movil GSM
Canada 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless GSM Rogers Communication pre-paid service provider
Canada AMP’D Wireless CDMA Proposed MVNO
Canada Primus Telecommunications Canada GSM Microcell Consumer-oriented MVNO launched 29 October 2004 offering Air Miles with it’s service bundles
Canada Rogers Quebecor GSM Rogers Communications
Canada Teleplus Multiple networks
Canada Virgin Mobile CDMA Bell Mobility Prepaid MVNO, joint-venture with Bell Mobility, launched 01 March 2005
Czech Republic GTS Novera
Czech Republic Radiokomunikace
Czech Republic Star Communications
Czech Republic Star Communications
Denmark ACN Mobile GSM Telia Mobile post-paid service provider
Denmark CBB Mobile GSM purchased by Sonofon in May 2004. Still independently branded.
Denmark Debitel GSM TDC MObile and Sonofon
Denmark Easy Mobile GSM TDC MObile Joint venture with TDC
Denmark Elro GSM TDC MObile
Denmark LIC GSM TDC MObile
Denmark Link Mobile GSM TDC MObile
Denmark TelecomPlus GSM TDC MObile
Denmark Tele2 Mobile GSM Sonofon
Denmark Telekompagniet GSM TDC Mobile
Denmark Telmore GSM TDC Mobile 100% owned by TDC Mobile
Denmark Telogic GSM TDC Mobile
Estonia Bravo Com GSM Elisa First Estonia MVNO operating on Elisa network. Prepaid and postpaid offer.
Estonia TeleYks GSM Elisa Pre-paid service of Elisa
Estonia Zorro GSM Elisa Pre-paid service provider
Finland DNA Finland GSM Finnet
Finland Fujitsu Invia GSM Finnet
Finland Go Mobile GSM
Finland Jippii GSM Pre-paid MVNO, utilising it’s own MSCs & IN
Finland RSL Com GSM
Finland Saunalahti Group Oyj GSM TeliaSonera
Finland Song Networks GSM TDC Mobile
Finland Tele Finland GSM TeliaSonera
Finland Tele Finland GSM TeliaSonera
France Auchan GSM SFR New pre-paid MVNO.
France Breizhm Mobile GSM Orange MVNO from the French retailer OMER Telecom / The Phone House with an MVNO agreement with Orange MVNO services in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique regions, signed May 2004.
France Carrefour GSM Orange
France Cegetel GSM SFR MVNO, belongs to the SFR Group
France Coriolis Telecom GSM Orange, SFR and Bouygues
France Debitel GSM SFR and Orange MVNO with SFR – launched July 2004.
France Le French Mobile GSM Bouygues MVNO service targeted (in English) to visitors coming to France for 6-24 months (such as foreign students). It offers attractive local prices while in France and attractive tariffs to call back to one’s home country.
France M6 GSM Orange French national TV channel, focus on youngsters with music, TV reality and US soap operas, #2 or 3 depending on TV programs.
France Neuf Telecom GSM SFR
France NormAction GSM Bouygues MVNO launched in January 2005
France NRJ Mobile GSM SFR The #1 French radio station for youngsters
France Tele2 Mobile GSM Orange
France Ten Mobile GSM Orange IM-based MVNO offering unlimited MSN Messenger and email services.
France TF1 Mobile GSM Bouygues MVNO / ESP for the first private television network launching in May 2006.
France Transatel GSM Bouygues MVNO focusing international frequent travellers and cross-border population (heavy roamers), launched in France in Dcember 2001.
France Universal Mobile GSM Bouygues
France Virgin Mobile GSM Orange MVNO venture, with Carphone Warehouse.
Germany ACN GSM post-paid service provider
Germany ALDI TALK mit MEDIONmobile GSM E-Plus New, low-frills ESP/MVNO charging a one-off subscription of €19.99 including €10 call time, and 0.15 pm to all networks (fixed & mobile). On-net calls are charged at €0.05 per minute and mailbox calls are free. SMS cost €0.15 off-net and €0.05 on-net.
Germany Ay Yildiz GSM E-Plus Turkish-focused ESP brand focused on international calling, owned by E-Plus.
Germany BASE GSM E-Plus Flat-rate ESP brand, owned by E-Plus
Germany Blau GSM E-Plus Pre-paid MVNO offering customers a chance to choose their own mobile number online.
Germany Debitel GSM O2 Service provider, as of March 2005, also utilising the O2 network
Germany Drillisch Alphatel GSM
Germany Easy Mobile GSM T-Mobile
Germany Ewe Tel GSM T-Mobile and Vodafone
Germany Heag GSM T-Mobile and Vodafone
Germany HTP GSM T-Mobile and Vodafone
Germany Klarmobil GSM T-Mobile Low-cost pre-paid MVNO offering the choice of mobile numbers online. Both SIM-only and handsets offered
Germany MTV Networks / VIVA GSM E-Plus Planned MVNO.
Germany nordCom GmbH GSM T-Mobile and Vodafone
Germany Payback GSM Vodafone MVNO, product is called “PAYBACK Volktarif” – a partnership between Bild and Payback points saving cards – independent pricing scheme, but lots of Vodafone branding as well
Germany Penny Mobil GSM T-Mobile Penny Mobil prepaid (?) service will be distributed via the 2.000 “Penny” discount markets of REWE Group. Partner for this service is the Service Provider SIMply
Germany The Phonehouse GSM E-Plus, T-Mobile, and Vodafone
Germany Quelle Aktiengesellschaft GSM Vodafone
Germany REWE GSM T-Mobile In a strategic partnership with T-Mobile “rewecom” post- and prepaid cards will be avilable in REWE’s 3.000 supermarkets (REWE, miniMAL, Petz), department stores(toom) and do-it-yourself store (toom BauMarkt).
Germany Schwarzfunk GSM E-Plus MVNO / Mobile Service Provider, part of
Germany Smobil GSM No-fills MVNO for the popular German retail drugstore chain Schlecker, launched by allMobility.
Germany SIMply GSM T-Mobile MVNO offering SIM-only, low-cost products. SIMply is a brand owned by the Service Provider VictorVox previously promoting on-line sales only, but now working through their retail sales channels too.
Germany Simyo GSM E-Plus MVNO offering low tariffs, owned by E-Plus
Germany TalkLine GSM O2, E-Plus, T-Mobile, Vodafone Service provider, as of March 2005, also utilising the O2 network
Germany Tangens GSM T-Mobile
Germany Tchibo Mobilfunk GSM O2 MVNO / ESP, a joint-venture with Tchibo and O2
Germany Telco GSM T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus
Germany Tele2 GSM E-Plus
Germany Victorvox GSM T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus Service provider, part of Drillisch AG
Iceland SKO GSM
Ireland BT GSM
Ireland Dome Telecom GSM Planned MVNO for this calling card organisation, allocated three sets of 089 MVNO numbers in September 2005 (talks with O2 and Vodafone networks)
Ireland Eircom GSM Planned MVNO
Ireland Perlico GSM Planned MVNO
Ireland Tesco GSM Planned MVNO
Ireland T-Mobile GSM Planned MVNO
Italy Albacom GSM Proposed MVNO for this BT fixed line service provider, traditionally serving the business market.
Italy Carrefour GSM Proposed MVNO
Italy COOP GSM Proposed MVNO
Japan Japan Communications Inc. GSM Japan Communications Inc., which utilizes the infrastructure of WILLCOM, is the world’s first MVNO, and Japan’s only MVNO focused on data communications.
Japan J-Com GSM Japan’s largest pay-TV provider, J-COM, recently announced its intention to offer a “quadruple play” service combining fixed-voice, broadband, cable television and wireless service in one package.
Latvia Amigo/Zetcom GSM LMT Prepaid SP owned by ZetCom. Operating on LMT network. Recent rumours suggest that the host operator LMT is going to buy this SP.
Latvia Baltcom Largest and oldest TV cabling network operator in Latvia claiming to add MVNO services to residential triple-play. Network unclear.
Latvia Hallo/Zetcom GSM LMT Second prepaid brand of the ZetCom SP.
Latvia IZZI GSM Former TV cable operator Telia-Multicom. MVNO services on Bite Latvia network. Prepaid cards. Bundled triple/quad-play to residential customers.
Latvia MTS GSM GSM Bite Former long distance operator Master Telecom launched MVNO on Bité Latvia network featuring postpaid services. Bundled mobile-fixed offer. The name similar to Russia’s largest operator, however no relationship.
Latvia Teledema GSM Bite Former Lithuanian MVNO expansion to neighbouring country using Bité. Service launch in Q3 2006.
Latvia Telekomunikaciju Grupa Proposed MVNO
Liechtenstein United Mobile Pre-paid roaming SIM MVNO with roaming deals in many countries.
Lithuania Eurocom GSM Bite GSM MVNO company of largest Baltic wholesaler VP Market operating Maxima supermarket chain all over the Baltics. Fixed and mobile bundle.
Lithuania Tele Maxima GSM Bite GSM First “grocery store prepaid card” in the Baltics. Operated by MVNO Eurocom on Bité Lietuva network
Lithuania Teledema GSM Bite GSM MVNO with own retail shop networks.
Luxembourg KISS GSM pre-paid service focused on youth segment
Luxembourg Transatel GSM Tango SA MVNO launched in December 2005 featuring a roaming discount support package. Transatel is active in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Malaysia MiTV GSM Celcom Proposed 3G bidder and MVNO
Netherlands ACN GSM Telfort pre-paid and post-paid service provider
Netherlands AH Mobiel GSM Telfort ESP launched in October 2002 as a customer of KPN Mobile, although that service is stopping on 01 January 2006). According to carious sources, only around 10.000 subscribers were on the original ESP with KPN, and around 145.000 to 150.000 in Q4 2005 on the Telfort product. AH Mobiel is sold in popular Albert Heijn supermarkets throughout the country (approximately 500 locations) and 25% of all pre-paid vouchers in The Netherlands are sold via Albert Heijn.
Netherlands Amatus GSM Telfort ESP targeting roamers and providing in-country tariffs while travelling, via MVNE MEC Solutions. Currently operating in United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.
Netherlands Baron GSM KPN Mobile New “luxury” service provider started by a former NL dealer, focusing on high-end, post-paid subscribers. Supposedly premium insurance, callcentre services, a dedicated engineer, satellite telephone usage when out of GSM coverage areas, frequent caller programmes and international roaming.
Netherlands Aspider Mobile GSM Telfort Post-pay, SIM-only ESP launched in June 2004 via MVNE MEC Solutions. The Aspider Mobile proposition is one tariff for all destinations (14,5 eurocents) and a €4,95 usage fee per month. Aspider Communications also sells whoesale fixed telephony and internet services.
Netherlands Call4care GSM Telfort A Charity based ESP initiative via MVNE MEC Solutions featuring 4 leading charities, The Red Cross, Amnesty International, Dutch heart foundation and the Dutch national heritage fund. 15% of billed revenue is donated to involved charities. Launched in July 2004, Call4Care seems to be relatively successful in corporate actions.
Netherlands Carey GSM Telfort SIM-only ESP providing low-cost calling and links / donation possibilities to charitable organisations. Each received call and voicemail interrogation also generates €0,05 for the Carey customer.
Netherlands Chippie GSM Telfort Dutch Antilles-focused ESP launched in March 2003, Chippie (subsidiary of UTS) launched prepaid and postpaid propositions with a concept called ” chippieland” featuring the same calling rates calling in NL and The Dutch Antilles.
Netherlands Comfour Telecom GSM Telfort ESP launched in September 2004 targeting business and residential customers (fixed line and carrier pre-select, ADSL), via MVNE MEC Solutions. Comfour mostly sells via business partners.
Netherlands Countdown Mobiel GSM Telfort Prepaid ESP launched in July 2004 focusing on pre-paid customers, offering “25% discount” – a product van PhoneMe Company and the Countdown card, via MVNE PhoneMe
Netherlands Debitel GSM Telfort, Vodafone, KPN Mobile debitel is the largest independent SP/ESP in The Netherlands with around 1,3 million customers (40% postpaid and 60% prepaid).
Netherlands Dekatel GSM KPN Mobile launched in 1997 on the KPN Network, currently with around 20.000 subscribers.
Netherlands EuPhony GSM KPN Mobile, Telfort, Vodafone
Netherlands Galaxy Business Networks GSM KPN Mobile
Netherlands GSMpartner GSM KPN Mobile launched in November 2004 on the KPN network.
Netherlands Hema Prepaid Ballen GSM KPN Mobile Prepaid ESP launched in November 2004, and distributed through the highly successful HEMA retail chain in The Netherlands. HEMA provides a “25% discount” on calling and SMS with every top-up voucher sold.
Netherlands IDT Mobile GSM Orange Prepaid ESP for this large calling card distribution and telecommunications company.
Netherlands Lebara Mobile GSM Telfort Prepaid ESP launched in May 2004 by parent company Lebara focusing on international calling and sponsoring many multi-cultural / multi-ethnic events, etc. Languages for information are Dutch, English, Chinese, Arabic.
Netherlands GSM Telfort Low-cost, internet-based, pre-paid ESP owned by German telecoms provider debitel in October 2005.
Netherlands Lycamobile GSM T-Mobile Lycamobile offers prepaid SIM cards with reduced international calling rates, focusing on users who normally use calling cards to phone abroad.
Netherlands M2M / Stream Communications GSM Telfort focusing on telemetry data and the M2M sector, via MVNE MEC Solutions
Netherlands Ortel Mobiel GSM KPN Mobile SIM-only, prepaid ESP for this carrier pre-select / telephone card / retail company Ortel Telecom, launched in June 2005. Promoting very cheap international calling tariffs.
Netherlands PePtalk GSM Telfort Prepaid Enhanced Service Provider launched in March 2004, via MVNE PhoneMe
Netherlands Primus/Affinity Telecom GSM Telfort ESP launched in October 2004 via and agreement with MVNE Transatel. Primus is focusing on residential and business segments and international calling tariffs.
Netherlands Qick GSM Telfort ESP venture of the Macintosh retail group, Halfords & BelCompany offering SIM-only packages and handset packages.
Netherlands RAM Mobile Data GSM KPN Mobile and Vodafone
Netherlands Scarlet Telecom GSM Orange SIM-only, post-paid MVNO/ESP launched in January 2005.
Netherlands SIMYO GSM KPN Mobile Pre-paid ESP venture / product owned by KPN, launched in September 2005. Also launched in Germany and Belgium to-date,, billing by CDRator.
Netherlands Sympac GSM KPN Mobile ESP/SP owned by KPN, offering international business customer services, tailor-made solutions, etc. International aspirations, probably starting in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands first – launching customer ABN AMRO.
Netherlands Tele2 GSM Telfort
Netherlands Telefoontotaal GSM Telfort focusing on residential and business segments, pre-paid and post-paid offers, via MVNE MEC Solutions
Netherlands Tommy Telecom GSM Telfort offering a SIM-only subscription service for members of associated charity organisations. Owned by Dijk Producties, which also owns Annie Connect, an in- and outbound callcentre that only works for other charity organisations, via MVNE MEC Solutions.
Netherlands Transatel GSM Roaming tariff discounts, multi-country venture – Belgium (BASE), France, The Netherlands, plus aspirations / agreements in Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.
Netherlands Trendcall GSM Telfort SIM-only Enhanced Service Provider focusing on expats, via MVNE MEC Solutions
Netherlands UPC Mobile GSM Orange Pre-paid, low-cost ESP from UPC (the largest cable provider in The Netherlands) launched in August 2005. UPC Mobile offers SIM-only packages or combinations with low-cost handsets. Rumours are that UPC Mobile has 80.000 customers as of April 2006.
Netherlands Versatel Mobile GSM Telfort focusing initially on business customers and data services.
Netherlands Wanadoo Mobile GSM Orange New Postpaid ESP launched in December 2005.
Netherlands Yes Telecom GSM KPN Mobile
Netherlands Yiggers Carefree Mobile GSM Telfort ESP offering low-cost (€1) postpaid subscriptions, no contract duration and a limited selection of inexpensive handsets, via MVNE MEC Solutions.
Netherlands Antilles UTS GSM MVNO. UTS is the national telecom operator of the Dutch Antilles. UTS uses Transatel for a mobile service to offer 30% to 100% price reduction to customer travelling between the Dutch Antilles and the Netherlands.
New Zealand Boost Mobile Telekom New Zealand Youth-oriented pre-paid MVNO.
New Zealand TelstraClear GSM Vodafone New Zealand MVNO from this voice and data communications company, wholly owned by Telstra Corporation Ltd.
Norway ACN GSM Telenor, Netcom
Norway TDC Song GSM Telenor MVNO offering services from Q1 2006
Norway Hello GSM Netcom Internet based MVNO, prepaid and postpaid, launched May 2006.
Norway Mobyson GSM Netcom Pre- and postpaid MVNO, re-launched April 2006, billing by CDRator.
Norway NoExtras GSM Telenor Internet based MVNO, prepaid, re-launched April 2006, billing by CDRator.
Norway Sense Communications GSM Telenor, Netcom MVNO, launched in March 2000
Norway Silver Mobility GSM Telenor, Netcom
Norway Site Communication GSM Netcom
Norway TalkMore GSM Netcom Internet based MVNO, prepaid, launched April 2004. See this interesting case study by billing service provider CDRator.
Norway Tale2 GSM
Philipines PLDT GSM Smart Planned MVNO
Poland Heyah GSM ERA Pre-paid “quasi” Service Provider launched in March 2004 targeting youth segments, owned by PTC.
Poland POP GSM Orange Pre-paid brand of Orange.
Poland Sami Swoi GSM Plus GSM Pre-paid brand owned by Plus GSM
Portugal ONI GSM Planned MVNO
Portugal Rede4 GSM Optimus MVNO claiming more than 40.000 customers as of October 2005. An Optimus-owned company
Portugal TalkTalk Mobile GSM Optimus Talk Talk Mobile is a Phone House branded ESP/MVNO.
Portugal UZO GSM TMN Pre-paid MVNO. A TMN-owned company.
Portugal Vodafone Directo GSM Vodafone Branded mobile product.
Russia MegaFon GSM MVNO operating in the Magadan and Kamchatka regions via Dalsvyaz communications company.
Russia Euroset GSM Smarts The Middle Volga Interregional Association of Radio-Telecommunications Systems, or Smarts, and Euroset, a Russian mobile handset retailer, have announced the launch of a MVNO pilot. Smarts is based in the Volga region, Southern and Central federal districts, and provides services to 16 Russian Federation regions. Launch planned for the second quarter of 2006.
Singapore GlobalRoam GSM Service-based telecom operator (SBO) in Singapore offering voice and data solutions, focusing on travelling roaming customers.
Slovenia Debitel GSM Mobitel
Slovenia Izi Mobile GSM Mobitel Enhanced Service Provider from Volja Mobil, deploying prepay services under the brand name izi mobil.
South Africa Virgin Mobile Proposed
Spain Abbla GSM Telefonica A part of Telefonica
Spain TeleCable Planned MVNO from this Spanish cable / telephony / internet provider.
Sweden ACN GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden Campuz Mobile GSM Vodafone Enhanced service provider recently bought by Vodafone
Sweden Djuice GSM Tele2 Owned by Telenor
Sweden DuViAlla GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden Glocalnet GSM Vodafone
Sweden Go Mobile GSM Tele2 and TeliaSonera Pre-paid MVNO
Sweden Halebop GSM TeliaSonera Owned and run by TeliaSonera
Sweden Ispace GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden Lebara Mobile GSM Vodafone featuring low international calling rates
Sweden Ostkraft GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden Sense Communications GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden TDCSong Networks GSM TeliaSonera
Sweden Vattenfall GSM TeliaSonera MVNO for this successful energy company
Switzerland Co-op Mobile GSM Orange MVNO / ESP for retail chain Co-Op
Switzerland M-Budget Mobile GSM Swisscom Mobile Pre-paid mobile service provider focusing on voice and SMS
Switzerland Mobile Zone GSM Orange New MVNO, launching in 2006
Switzerland Tele2 Mobile GSM Swisscom Mobile
Switzerland Yallo GSM Sunrise
Taiwan China Motion Telecom(CMT) GSM FarEasTone MVNO targeting business customers
Ukraine Jeans GSM UMC Launched in August 2003, Russia’s largest mobile phone operator Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) completely owns UMC, which is Ukraine’s leading mobile communications service provider in terms of number of subscribers.
Ukraine Privat:Mobile GSM WellCom MVNO, the first of its kind in Ukraine (Ukrainian Radio Systems GSM-900
United Arab Emirates(UAE) Axiom Telecom One Mobile GSM
United Kingdom(UK) BT Mobile Home GSM T-Mobile
United Kingdom(UK) Dot-Mobile GSM Vodafone Student-focused ESP offering low prices and SMS and minute bundles, or “units”.
United Kingdom(UK) Easy Mobile GSM T-Mobile ESP launched in March 2005
United Kingdom(UK) ExtremeMob GSM Vodafone A combination of stylish handsets, value for money tariffs and a 24/7 customer call centre will make ExtremeMob stand out in the mobile sector.
United Kingdom(UK) Fresh GSM T-Mobile Pre-paid MVNO venture of Carphone Warehouse and Value Telecom.
United Kingdom(UK) Intercity Mobile Communications GSM
United Kingdom(UK) Mobile World GSM T-Mobile Pre-paid MVNO venture of Carphone Warehouse launched in April 2005.
United Kingdom(UK) Kingston Communications GSM O2 MVNO launched in 2000
United Kingdom(UK) One.Tel GSM Vodafone
United Kingdom(UK) Project Telecom GSM Vodafone Business service provider, acquired by Vodafone in 2003
United Kingdom(UK) Rok Telecom GSM T-Mobile
United Kingdom(UK) Sainsburys Telecom GSM O2 Service provider, partnership with Carphone Warehouse and O2
United Kingdom(UK) Singlepoint Limited GSM Vodafone Service provider launched in 1997, acquired by Vodafone in 2003
United Kingdom(UK) Tesco Mobile GSM O2 MVNO launched in September 2003
United Kingdom(UK) Toucan Mobile GSM T-Mobile Postpaid MVNO for Toucan, telecoms company IDT Europe’s consumer telephony brand – launching later in 2005
United Kingdom(UK) Virgin Mobile GSM T-Mobile Famous MVNO, launched November 1999 and recently announced over 5 million customers.
United Kingdom(UK) Yes Telecom GSM Vodafone
United States 7-Eleven Speak Out GSM Cingular pre-paid
United States 9278 Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS Prepaid MVNO targeting recent immigrants, launched July 2003
United States Airdesk M2M service provider based in Warminster, PA
United States Airlink Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS Postpaid and prepaid MVNO created by Wireless Retail, Inc., one of the nation’s largest wireless phone retailers. Available at Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Menard’s and MobileGateway Locations.
United States AMP’D Wireless CDMA Verizon Wireless CDMA2000 EV-DO MVNO. Includes push-to-talk, EV-DO, a camera and memory card slot (Kyocera and Motorola upon launch). Highly focused on media, downloading video and music files , etc.
United States BeyondMobile Postpaid, small business-focused MVNO.
United States Boost Mobile IDEN Nextel Lifestyle service provider, targeting youth segments via prepaid voice and data services that are priced simply, est. 500k customers
United States Bratz Mobile GSM Cingular Youth-focused pre-paid ESP launched by MVNE Ztar Mobile leveraging the popular Bratz toys. Bratz handsets have outbound calling number restrictions for parents.
United States Bravo Wireless Pay-as-you-go MVNO targeting immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America from Oblio Telecom Inc. launched in Q4 2005 and targeting 100.000 customers. BRAVO will include domestic and international prepaid and will come with a handset and $10 voucher.
United States ecallPlus GSM AT&T Wireless Prepaid MVNO.
United States Circle-K “Talk-and-Go Mobile” GSM Cingular Prepaid MVNO launched by MVNE Ztar Mobile offering flat-rate calling (USD 0,20 per minute).
United States Consumer Cellular” post-paid MVNO.
United States Cool.Prepaid GSM Cingular Prepaid MVNO focusing on content, features and handsets.
United States DBS
United States Dexa MVNO focused on the Hispanic market.
United States Disney Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS
United States Earthlink CDMA Verizon Wireless 1.) BlackBerry data MVNO, also sells packages that include voice 2.) New venture with SK Telecom called SK-EartthLink.
United States Embarq CDMA Sprint PCS Sprint spin-off featuring mobile services.
United States ESPN CDMA Sprint PCS MVNO featuring sport-oriented data applications.
United States Firefly GSM Cingular Children-focused pre-paid MVNO based in Chicago, IL.
United States Flyingj Truck stop-focused MVNO/Enhanced Service Provider.
United States Global Talk CDMA Sprint PCS MVNO targeting credit risk customers.
United States Graffiti Wireless Proposed MVNO.
United States GSR Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS Prepaid card MVNO Prepaid card provider.
United States GTC Telecom
United States Helio CDMA Verizon Wireless MVNO venture of SK Telecom and EarthLink.
United States Hop-on GSM and CDMA Cingular
United States IDT CDMA Verizon Wireless Youth-targeted MVNO
United States Great Call CDMA Sprint New MVNO targeting senior citizens, launched by GreatCall Inc.
United States Kajeet CDMA Sprint Bethesda, Maryland-based prepaid MVNO focusing on the youth marketplace (pre-teens to early teenagers).
United States Liberty Wireless CDMA Sprint Prepaid MVNO owned and managed by by Inphonic.
United States Locus Mobile GSM AT&T Wireless Prepaid card MVNO Prepaid card provider.
United States MobilePro CDMA Verizon Wireless Planned MVNO.
United States Movida Communications CDMA Sprint PCS Prepaid voice and data MVNO services focusing on the U.S. Hispanic population – mainly sold in Wal-Mart stores, etc.
United States Net10 GSM Cingular Wireless Pre-paid MVNO using airtime cards, available at Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, etc.
United States Nextel Partners IDEN Nextel
United States Omni Prepaid CDMA Verizon Wireless Service provider (Atlanta GA, Washington DC).
United States Page Plus CDMA Verizon Wireless pre-paid MVNO.
United States Payless Cellular Pre-paid ESP, e-billing and mobile accessory dealer located in southern California US.
United States PhoneCo Planned MVNO.
United States PlatinumTel Communications CDMA Sprint PCS Prepaid MVNO operating since 2002 servicing inner-city and urban individuals in the US. One of the first independent MVNOs to offer 3G web services as well as online account management. On 15 January, they will launch the “PlatinumTel Everyone Visa Prepaid Card”, a prepaid debit card that will augment our existing services.
United States RoadCom Wireless CDMA Sprint PCS Postpaid and Prepaid MVNO/ESP .
United States RockitTalk CDMA Verizon Wireless Postpaid MVNO offering unlimited calling for $99,99 per month.
United States STI Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS Prepaid card provider MVNO.
United States Time Warner CDMA Sprint PCS Planned MVNO.
United States Total Call Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS New prepaid and postpaid MVNO.
United States Tracfone GSM Cingular Wireless. prepaid MVNO.
United States Tuyo Mobile GSM Cingular Wireless. Prepaid MVNO targeted towards Latino customers. Initially available in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Las Vegas, ToYo offers cheap international calling rates from the United States to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.
United States Virgin Mobile CDMA Sprint PCS
United States VOCE GSM Cingular Luxury MVNO.
United States XE Mobile GSM Pre-paid “Student Advantage Discount Card” company MVNO oriented towards students.
United States Zuma Prepaid Wireless CDMA Sprint PCS Pre-paid MVNO.

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