If you are unsure of the warranty status or the network the iphone 2g 3g 3gs or iphone 4 was sold on.

Factory unlock code for iphones where unlock via itunes can be done need the info of the network.

Simply download the software from here

You can check 1 phone and see its status in real time enter username and password we supply after payment

The service takes 2 credits and the user and pass info has 2 credits on it so you can perform 1 check

Example Log from Service.

Checking with server…



Info:Requesting info

iPhone 4 16GB Black (4.2.1)

IMEI: 01xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Limited Warranty:Serial number: 7W0xxxxxx

2011-01-16 / 2012-01-15

Sold to country: United Kingdom

Carrier: Orange GBR

Now you will know the network the iphone is locked on to in seconds.

To buy with instant credits click here

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