NanoriOS™ Introduction

NanoriOS unlocking simcard is using the latest technological advances in the production of Mini micro and nano simcards .

The production technology has moved on now and the F300/F981 CPU used previously to a ARM CPU with very low power and very fast performance as well being ultra thin.

Rebelsimcard NanoriOS™ Allows you to use your original iPhone SIM tray for iPhone 5,5C,5S,4S & has upgradable software functionality which allows you to update the NanoriOS™ with new software updates published by the Rebelsimcard Team to improve performance and add new functionality as well as allow compatibility with new iOS updates from Apple.

Rebelsimcard NanoriOS iPhone 4S 5 5C 5S Unlocking Simcard USER GUIDE (rebelsimcard-nanorios-user-guide-v1-unlock-iphone-4s-5-5c-5s.pdf, 3,133 Kb) [Download]

Future proof and firmware upgradable

 NanoriOS™ Features

    • Unlock Solution for iPhone 4S 5 5C 5S All in one
    • Super Slim 0.22 mm thickness of package
    • Pre populated Sim Application Toolkit with major global networks
    • Can Input IMSI Manually via keypad
    • Support 7 Digit IMSI Input for GSM/3G/4G Locked iPhones
    • Support iOS 7.0 and current latest 7.0.4
    • Use iPhone  5 5C 5S Original Sim Tray
    • Firmware Upgradeable with future support for iOS updates and new functions
    • Lock to Network function requires no config again on sim changes or reboots.
    • Support 128k/256k simcards with Patch Installation
    • Support Unlocking with Calls & SMS on 2G networks with Gprs/Edge for Data for i5 i5C i5S
    • Support Unlocking with Calls & SMS on 3G networks with 3G for Data for 4S GSM
    • 3G/4G network Coverage not supported until jailbreak Patch or Non Jailbreak Patch is Available or a NanoriOS™ firmware upgrade that supports the features is released for i5 i5C i5S
    • Durable Hardware.