Its safe to update to iOS 5.1.1 and still be able to unlock your iPhone 4S on the new baseband 2.0.12.

The iOS update was rolled out by Apple that fixed a number of bugs along with some enhancements, those that like to unlock the 4S have nothing to worry about if using the 4S Pro Micro & 4S Xpress Micro Sims.

How Do i Activate my iPhone 4S ?

 Unique Pre programming before despatch

  • If you have a orignal network simcard that is from the iPhone 4S’s locked network then you can use that to Activate the iPhone 4S. 
  • If you dont have the network sim for the carrier the iPhone 4S is locked on to then in your Package you will find a Rebel Micro Activation Simcard that has already been programmed by for you based on the network you choose in the order page.
  • If you dont know the current network the iPhone 4S is locked on to and are stuck at the Activation Required Screen then Remove the Sim Tray and Enter the IMEI number in the Order page and we will check the network info and send you a Pre programmed rebel micro activation sim so you activate your iPhone 4S.

Earn Reward Points for Factory Unlocking When You Purchase Rebel 4S Micro sims

Spend the Reward Points to Offset against Factory Unlocking for the Future

iPhone 4S is not supported for Factory Unlock for Many Networks but in time it will be.

The iPhone 4S from all networks worldwide can right now be unlocked using the Rebel 4S Micro simcards.

The Rebel Simcard Team have put together a Deal so you can Enjoy the Unlocking of the Latest iPhone 4S using the Rebel 4S Range of Micro sims and still be able enjoy the Factory Unlocking for your iPhone 4S when its supported.**

When you purchase the Rebel 4S Micro simcards you recieve points that later be used agianst a Factory Unlock Purchase for the Same IMEI number iPhone 4S you ordered the Rebel 4S Micro Sim for.

All Rebel 4S Range of Micro simcards come with Points.

Right now it not possible to To factory Unlock all networks for iPhone 4S.

However we are ever expanding the supported networks and more and more network are added.

When you order the Rebel 4S sims you recieve the Bonus points and are added to your shopping cart account.

You can use the Points to pay for Factory Unlock services or a new Rebel unlock simcard in the Future and never stay locked out.


Terms & Conditions of the Rebel Points for Rewards Offer.

After 60 Days from the Date the Order is Placed the Clients are able to Use the Points Earnt agianst the purchase of a Factory Unlock for ONLY the IMEI Number they Supplied at order time when the Rebel 4S Unlock sim was ordered.

Should You not wish to use the Factory Unlock option you can spend the points on other products in the shopping cart after 60 Days of making your order.

Points Can NOT be used to pay for Shipping services.

You can use the points after 60 days of making your order on another item thats not the factory unlocking Services.

We reserve the right to Amend this offer any time.